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Greetings from Stasis
Tourist panflet

art-snow-cold-and-the-peak-the-light-beam-a-mountain-trees-rocks-the-planet.jpgAre you on the fringes of space and need somewhere to rest?

Well here on Stasis, we provide the greatest supplies this side of space has to offer. At the Blue Dragon Cantina and Inn dine on glorin fish, fresh from our local lakes, or try the Frozen Berry Brew.

Are inns are state-of-the-art and will reinvigorate your spirits and make you feel like your on a tropical paradise.

And did we mention that Stasis is neutral grade? All are welcome!love-hotels-japan.jpg

Shadow traders and information brokers looking to host their dealings in one of our many banquet halls can take advantage of our Eclipse savers pack. We cater!

Reminder: Dress for the occasion and that occasion is brrrrr-reath taking

So come on down to Stasis and enjoy your stay!

Epi 1: The Ancient Force

With new imperatives activated within the Eternal Church of Perfection, several teams were assembled to dispatch across the galaxy.

Summoned by Proxy Braddock, Elwin Night, Miraw, Elekto, and Pella met with the powerful tech wizard for there mission inside the mighty Death Moon. After the sharing of some peace weed, the team was informed of the disappearance of children from colonies on the fringes of space.

Braddock explain that the most recent disappearances happened on a desert planet called Corbain. Accompanied by Braddock’s right hand, Jelly Cat, the team dispatched the Death Moon to investigate the missing children.

Upon arriving to Corbain, the group encounter a teenager sitting near a fire. In an attempt to get information, Elwin gave all of the teams peace weed to the lad. He pointed to a massive tent and ate the entire bag.

The team with an elder who was most grateful to have the church respond to her request. She provided few details, but explained a legend of hooded figures kidnapping children in the night that dated back hundreds of years.

The elder then explained that she had an old artifact that she wore as a necklace that resembled that of a map.The map clearly indicated that more clues could be found on the moon. The woman offered more peace weed as thanks, and a whole pot of random pills to Miraw.

After making a little kid cry, they retired to the ship. When they arrived, Jelly Cat had figured out how to work some of the machines and had started to produce a number of sausages and pies for the team. However, it wasn’t until Elwin fiddled with the computer that the ques started to process.

After feasting on Jelly Cat’s sausages, the little pilot scanned the key and processed coordinates for the moon. Upon getting to the moon, the team was seemingly ambushed by a team from Rebel Perfect.

Yandy and Okabe tried threatening the group for information, but their attempts were dodged by the keen mind of Elwin. He fooled the duo into believing that his team was in fact members of the rebellion as well. At this point , both Pella and Elekto were sneaking up on the two, while invisible.

When Elwin was asked about the secret handshake, the two pounced and knocked out Okabe and Yandy. The team ravaged through the rebels ship and dismantled it’s flight capabilities. They also located 40 days worth of rations.

The pair was taken back into the team’s ship. After speaking with Braddock it was determined that the two would be interrogated for information and then killed. Elwin, set the mood by dimming the lights and grabbing one of the sausages laying on the ground — turning it into a light. He proceeded to demand questions, but when it proved difficult, Miraw jumped in… biting off one of Okabe’s fingers.

Okabe explained that Yandy and he were low level rebels dispatched to investigate the disappearances and to try to help the colony in the name of the Rebellion. Elwin tried finding out the location of the rebel home world, but only learned that the pair was working off a planet called Estros.

With no more use, the team stripped the pair, hog tied them and left them for Jelly Cat to watch… who fed them pie.

The group now turned their attention to the temple that was on the surface of the moon. They placed the necklace, that into an slot — opening the door. Elwin sent in his familiar to scout ahead. After hearing some strange noises, the team entered. Elwin shouted out an brought forth a swarm of bats that flew over head. However, two Giant Bats wouldn’t take their shit and lashed out.

The team handled the Golbats, but two pit traps proved a minor difficulty for a few members. The team started moving through the old catacombs, using the familiar for continued scouting.

After standing in one place for quite some time, something tried reaching out to grab Elwin. Keeping his wits about him, he was able to avoid an attempt from a ghost. Pella was not so lucky, becoming possessed.

She struck out at Elwin and Elekto, while Miraw dealt with the other ghost. After a little bout, Miraw dispatched the spirit, and Elwin was able to cast hold person on Pella. Elekto knocked her our and casted out the ghost, who tried to once again attack. The spirit made an attempt to possess Miraw, but failed and was eliminated for it.

A group of smaller ghosts appeared after the fight. Elwin and Pella both played their instruments to soothe the spirits, causing them to dance.

The group pressed on through the maze, but eventually came across a room filled with a number of journals.

The first read:

_Dear diary,

Today, my brothers brought me here to the moon of Corbain for a very important task. They want me to guard the secrets of their new project, a school of some kind. The details were in the planning stages when I left. He said something about a prophecy and an impending war.

I hope I make them proud.

- N_

The journals eluded to the person known as N, being lonely and depressed.

The team pushed forward finding a massive room with a sobbing N inside. N spoke about his loyalty to his family and threatened to kill the group. Elwin played a song for N, but never hearing music before, didn’t find it impressive. When he was about to take his first swing, Elwin commanded that N sit down.

As the group was taking the opportunity to flee, N shouted out asking them to stay. He once again explained how lonely he was and provided information on a prophecy and coordinates to an empty section of deep space. He explained that he was stationed on the moon to protect the location of school, but that was all he knew.

Pleased with the information, the group decided to leave and invited N to join them. N initially agreed to come, but upon seeing the vastness of space, retreated back inside the temple. Elwin, ran after N, shouting “I just want to love you!”

However, before they left, N requested the duo play the song again. All the good spirits in the temple surrounded N and they all danced. A massive rock monster suddenly appeared and joined in on the dance.

As the song, was about to end – N and this posse of ghosts phased through a wall and disappeared.

The team returned to the ship and casted out the two rebels naked onto the moon — sending them scared into the temple.

With the new coordinates, the team set off. When they arrived at the coordinates, they were intercepted by two fighter ships that requested the group identify themselves. As the group debated how to answer, Jelly Cat picked up the comm and explained that they were from the Church of Perfection.

The fighters said that they were being expected and had clearance to land. Jelly Cat set the ship down at a landing pad, where the team was greeted by a team of soldiers and a herald, who welcomed them to Super Space Battled School!

INTERNAL MEMO - Eternal Church priority change

Our most loyal Exalted,

Recent events have forced the hand of the Eternal Church to switch gears so to speak. Our goals of a perfect and peaceful galaxy were on the cusp of coming true with the deliverance of the Perfect. However, the actions of the traitorous Khordath have caused a splinter effect not just within our ranks, but throughout the galaxy.

As such, please see the updated priority list below:

1. The Eternal Church is now in a race to bring the unfaithful into our fold. Agents will be dispatched to every end of the galaxy to spread the word of the Perfect.

2. A new division of the Eternal Church has been created to help snuff out the Rebels. These members will largely consist of special agents. With the potential of spies among us, the Exalteds who need to know about this new division, know.

3. We must reassure Church protected colonies that they are safe under our banner. Teams are being assembled to aid our various followers across the galaxy.

As always, thank you for your continued hard work and all praise the Perfect!

Perfectionist Elfren

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