It has been six months since the very fabric of existence changed after a ragtag group assembled the Eternal Church of Perfection assembled seven ancient tablets… bringing forth the old gods in the form of one perfect deity.

The leader of this group, Khordath the Exalted, became the new pontifax of the church and sought to dissemble the organization after seeing the corruption that had been weaved from members at the very top. But a power struggle and coup ensued, ousting Khordath and his trusty companion Menagerie.

1 PD (One year after the arrival of the Perfect)

Seeing their leader kicked from the Eternal Church, other perfectionists left, joining Khordath to form Rebel Perfection. The church meanwhile remains intact and their pockets ever flowing with credits, but the actions of the High Council has spread doubt through some of the devoted.

Outside of the church, much of the galaxy was stunned by the arrival of the Perfect. Some dismissed it as blasphemy, while others flocked to the Perfect. Over the course of six months, the church and the Rebels raced to across the galaxy to bring races and planets under their fold.

Both sides have had gains, but the church swept across the outer rim adding many under developed societies to their ranks.

The larger five factions that make up the core of the galaxy have had differing responses to the arrival of the Perfect. With a former member now leading the Forge, an alliance was brokered with the Eternal Church.

The New Congress is now on the brink of civil war. With the arrival of the old gods encompassing Perfection, citizens have become torn. Debate has sparked between the 17 rulers on whether to accept the arrival of the Perfection or to continue as technological hub.

The Goldmane have been on high alert since reports of the Perfection’s arrival surfaced. The king finds the sheer thought of a perfect being insulting. Needless to say, they are no friend to either the church or Rebels.

Pirate Horizon is prospering. The five lords have taken funds from both the rebellion and church for various chores. However, unsuspecting agents have been double crossed and killed. The high council only turns to them when there is no other option.

The Galactic Legion is seeking both sides in the conflict for their murderous acts and shady characters employed by both sides.

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