Khordath the Exalted

Leader of the Rebel faction of the Eternal Church of Perfection



Seen as a necessary evil in a world full of unfaithfulness, the Stygian Knights are the military wing of the Church. Khordath is part of an elite force where Knights are sent in groups of two on special missions, all while keeping the other in line. He currently holds the rank of Grand Paladin and, though his deeds, earned the title of the Exalted. He is seen as a stalwart defender of the faith and some even see him as a possible successor, albeit of a more martial bent, for the Pontifex should he succeed in his quests for the Tablets.
Before his Succorification, he was known as Kalit Bleakwood, a simple child of farmers on a backwoods planet far from the core of the galaxy. One day, wandering Space Gelatinous Cubes killed his family before the Church could save them. Since that day, he has sworn to help the Church vanquish the monstrosities of the galaxy.

For nearly a decade, Khordath climbed the ranks fast in the Stygian Knights and even came to the attention of the Pontifex herself as he was her standard-bearer for the years 6025 and 6026 during the annual Day of Peace and Day of Prosperity. Unfortunately for him, political opponents, worried at his rapid rise in rank and power, conspired to stop him and have been sending him on deadlier missions, which he has been completing with bravura.
In recent years, he has not spent much time in the Unfaithful Space, where the Church is not dominant, and when he did, he most often stayed at local establishments of the Church or fellow faithful’s habitations. As such, he does not much respect people outside the Church, on top of his zealousness, because he does not know them well.

The Tablets of Fate

After spending time with outsiders to recover the Tablets of Fate, Khordath changed a lot. He even to regard the Unfaithful with less suspicion and saw the good even in non-humanoids, animals especially. After his wish to create Perfection out of the power of the Old Gods, he became the new Pontifex of the Eternal Church of Perfection. Now aware of the corruption inside the church and with it having fulfilled its ultimate purpose, he tried to reform it and when that failed, he tried to dismantle. Reacting swiftly, the High Council ousted Khordarth, despite with his highly-regarded status as the Wisher.

Now war has been joined between the old guard of the Church and the Rebel faction trying to dismantle it, lead by Khordath. The rebels have more manpower but the original Church has kept control of all the bank accounts.

Khordath the Exalted

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