Varok Spellscar


Varok Spellscar


Heir to the Spellscar Clan, a small group of dwarves of a long line of wizards from before the fall of the gods, Varok is on a journey to discover his purpose. As a young dwarf he was tested for the first two decades of his life with continuous meditation and divination rituals. The Elder of his clan spent those years instructing him and his siblings, three brothers and two sisters, on the ways of their clan. The clerics of their clan had long been their connection to the world as their deity Moradin watched over them and instructed their clerics to work with the people of the land and use their gifts for the betterment of their race.

However, due to the fall of the gods the Spellscar Clan lost most of their power and presence. The nearby elves blamed the dwarves for the lost of their own deity and waged war on them, and with their wizards, druids, and warlocks they sought out any dwarf that was once a cleric or worked in the clergy. This led them to the Spellscar Clan after some time and with the majority of their power having come from Moradin they were defenseless. They fought the best they could with whatever weapons and spells that they had saved but it was a hopeless fight with their numbers so few in comparison. The wrath of the elves was too much and they retreated into the main sanctuary, which no longer had its divine protections and wards. The head warlock approached the small huddle of dwarves around their altar to Moradin and began to cast the most wicked of his spells. A young dwarf training to be a cleric stepped out from behind a statue next to where the warlock was casting. He jumped on his back and slit his throat before the spell could go off. A robed dwarf with grey hair stepped out from a hidden alcove and hit the other elves with a blast of fire from his staff. He led them to a tunnel that was dug years before in anticipation of this very event. That small group of dwarves went on to become the Spellscar Clan, and their practice of teaching divination originated from that day’s events.

Every noble of the Spellscar Clan is tested for the gift of foresight, and Varok is one of the few to have been given that gift. Once he was confirmed via his first glimpse into the future he was trained under their current Head Wizard in the ways of spellcraft and magic. Many years went by but eventually he was able to learn enough of his wizardly craft to venture out on his own. He was told by the Head Wizard to seek out his destiny and find out what his destined divination will be. Based on the decades of his isolation spent researching his past divinations he was able to see that his purpose was related to the newly founded Church of Perfection.He had heard that some major events were happening somewhere in Galaxy System 293 and decided to make his way there. With no new divinations to guide him he saw a poster showing that the Church was recruiting and decided to take his chances with them hoping to find out what his fated purpose is.


Varok Spellscar

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