Super Space Battle School

Greetings from Stasis

Tourist panflet

art-snow-cold-and-the-peak-the-light-beam-a-mountain-trees-rocks-the-planet.jpgAre you on the fringes of space and need somewhere to rest?

Well here on Stasis, we provide the greatest supplies this side of space has to offer. At the Blue Dragon Cantina and Inn dine on glorin fish, fresh from our local lakes, or try the Frozen Berry Brew.

Are inns are state-of-the-art and will reinvigorate your spirits and make you feel like your on a tropical paradise.

And did we mention that Stasis is neutral grade? All are welcome!love-hotels-japan.jpg

Shadow traders and information brokers looking to host their dealings in one of our many banquet halls can take advantage of our Eclipse savers pack. We cater!

Reminder: Dress for the occasion and that occasion is brrrrr-reath taking

So come on down to Stasis and enjoy your stay!



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