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INTERNAL MEMO - Eternal Church priority change

Our most loyal Exalted,

Recent events have forced the hand of the Eternal Church to switch gears so to speak. Our goals of a perfect and peaceful galaxy were on the cusp of coming true with the deliverance of the Perfect. However, the actions of the traitorous Khordath have caused a splinter effect not just within our ranks, but throughout the galaxy.

As such, please see the updated priority list below:

1. The Eternal Church is now in a race to bring the unfaithful into our fold. Agents will be dispatched to every end of the galaxy to spread the word of the Perfect.

2. A new division of the Eternal Church has been created to help snuff out the Rebels. These members will largely consist of special agents. With the potential of spies among us, the Exalteds who need to know about this new division, know.

3. We must reassure Church protected colonies that they are safe under our banner. Teams are being assembled to aid our various followers across the galaxy.

As always, thank you for your continued hard work and all praise the Perfect!

Perfectionist Elfren



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